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Reviews updated April 2017-


Amy Zavatto

I have had many pet sitters — both individuals and businesses — over the years for our pup, Sally. Whiskers and Leo is by far the most responsible, dependable, caring pet care service I have had the great fortune to come across. They are always there for us and we trust them implicitly not only with our best buddy, but with our home. I don’t think it’s possible to say enough great things about them — we are so grateful to Nicole and her amazing team.

Alyse Aquino

I had the best experience with Whiskers and Leo. Madelyn and her mom, Jean, watched my two chihuahuas while I was away on a (not so fun) trip for medical reasons. From the moment I met them I knew my babies were going to be fine. They were so real and down to earth and two of the nicest, caring people I have met. I’m very nervous and upset when I have to leave my little ones but they kept me updated with pictured and video the whole time and gave my babies extra special love and attention. I was so very pleased and hope to use them in the future. I can’t praise them enough!!!

Catherine Issac, Pippa, and Finn

Thank you so much for providing us with excellent service over the past (almost) 2 years. I just wanted to let you know that we will be moving back to NJ soon. It was so wonderful to know that I could always count on you/your staff to take excellent care of Pippa and Finn. In particular, I would like to let you know that we really loved Cathy and will be so sad to no longer have her. Not only were my dogs well exercised by her, but we have also noticed a change in our Finn who has always been a more “challenging” dog. He is calmer, more docile, and we have even noticed an improvement in the relationship between him and Pippa!  We wish you the best in your life and business and will always be grateful to you.
Thank you!

Nancy Izzo

I absolutely love Whiskers and Leo. I was in desperate need of an emergency dog walker and within a days time Nicole called me and set up meetings with a primary walker and a back up walker. Oliver loves his walkers! Many places give you a problem when you have an intact male and I was starting to get discouraged and worried that I wouldn’t find a walker. I can’t imagine what I would do without them! It has truly been a fantastic experience. I use the service whenever my parents are in Florida. It cannot say enough good things about them!


Liz Nelson

Thank You so much to Whiskers & Leo of Staten Island. Nicole you are a angel that has giving us pet lovers a safe and secure environment for our pets. Sonia has cared for our Roxy now two years in a row, She gives her all of the love and attention that she gets here at home. Roxy loves her & we do too…..Your team are angels among us animal / pet lovers and I am forever grateful to have found you, Sonia and your team. Thanks again. Liz & Tom


Vinnessa Cappola

I have to say being recommended to whiskers and Leo was a God send !! My 2 yr old dog spent 3 nights with Trisha and it was our first time apart . I could not have asked for a better experience , she had a great time and Trisha was amazing keeping me updated thru her stay i couldn’t ask for anything better!!!!


Susan Klein

I have been using Whiskers & Leo since moving to Staten Island from Manhattan about 5 years ago. They are by far the best service I have used to date. Quick response time, always available and caring wonderful sitters who actually spend time with my cat rather than change the litter and leave like some of the services I have used in the past. Can’t say enough great things!!



Mary, Emmy, and Pearl

Hello Nicole, I’m just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my vacation knowing that Caroline was taking care of my cats, Emmy and Pearl.  Her love of animals and her kindness were evident when I first met her, and she lived up to that first impression throughout.  She sent me photos and videos and updates throughout my trip, and so after the first couple of days away, as I began to realize that there was nothing at all to worry about as far as the cats were concerned, I actually began to relax and had an entirely worry free vacation.  She also went above and beyond the call of duty, bringing them toys, treats, and catnip.  I came home to two very contented creatures.  The only drawback is I think they miss her! I have recommended your services to friends.  I am sure they will be as satisfied as I am. Thanks again for providing such great services and dedicated sitters.


Jeannie, Jett and Gigi

Hiring Whiskers and Leo went better than I could have imagined!  Jenny was great, within just a few minutes of meeting her I knew my dogs would be in good hands.  She sent regular updates with pictures which made me feel so at ease. Her whole family was wonderful with my girls!! I can’t say enough good things about Jenny and Whiskers and Leo. I’ve already told everyone I’ve spoken to this week about you.  Having never left my dogs with anyone before, I was really nervous about it.  Now I feel like I can actually take a vacation one day.  I will surely  use your service again and highly recommend  Jenny and Whiskers and Leo to all my friends and family. What a great experience!! Thank you for everything!


MARCH 2017

Susan Natale and Jack

I feel very at ease when Jack spends time with you guys.. you’re the best!! Will always recommend you guys to anyone who is looking for a caring loving place to leave their pets when they’re away…thank you so much!!

Tonya, Keith, Patrick and Poe 🙂

Hi Nicole, Thank you so much again! Caroline was fantastic! I don’t just say things like that lightly–we got home from California and for the first time ever my boys were well adjusted, they seemed happy and content, in fact they were like, “oh you guys are back!” haha It was awesome! Most of the time we come home to them all mopey and sad etc. and this was just, well, it warmed my heart. Caroline sent texts and pictures each night and left us a sweet note with a report card on the boys, they both got A+’s ha haa! We have a few more trips coming up this school year–we get married in December, and I know that Caroline will take great care of our boys for us. It honestly was the first trip that I slept soundly on!!! Thank you again Nicole–we’re so thrilled to have found you all and Caroline.


Marianne Dymitro 9/19/16

Patti and Caroline did a great job.  Your company is a godsend for pet owners who love to travel.  Thank you all!

Sheri and Meadow

You’ve done a great job in matching us up with Christina.  The fact that she and John work as a team is an added bonus.  I love them, Meadow loves them, and most of all my Mom is very comfortable having Meadow in their hands. Christina takes lots of pictures of Meadow which I show Mom. (She really appreciates seeing them – Thanks, Christina!! ) I’m so glad we chose Whiskers and Leo when searching for a dog walker. (Gosh, this sounds like a review – you should use it on your website.) Thanks so much for all you do!

Fran Carroll & Oreo Cookie

When doing my research while originally deciding where to leave my dogs, I learned the difference between using a home care service like this one or leaving my dog in a facility or kennel or vets  offices and there is a world of a difference! These facilities boast having all this room and private rooms to sleep which i do not like. I like my dog being with people. Anyway my neighbor who used this facility said they leave the dogs all alone at night. No one is with them for 12 hours, 7am to 7pm. Awful. No cages but still alone. i would not go away if it were not for Whiskers and Leo and the service you provide. No one does what YOU do! No one no one is like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicole, you have opened my world. I truly would not go anywhere. Even with so many people who say leave her to me, i do not trust they will take care of her like you guys do.


Sandy Kline & Timmy

I have been using Whiskers & Leo since moving to Staten Island from Manhattan about 5 years ago. They are by far the best service I have used to date. Quick response time, always available and caring wonderful sitters who actually spend time with my cat rather than change the liter and leave like some of the services I have used in the past. Can’t say enough great things!!


Matt and Lauren Ganzman and Rocky

“Good morning! WOW! Anka and Ted are amazing. Thank you and your fine staff for all your help! You all made our vacation possible. Rocky will be back to see Anka for an overnight very soon! I will be in touch. (November 2015) “THANK YOU!”



Nov 2015Just wanted to say how thrilled we are with Stacey!! I’m so happy we found her she took great care of the cats and our home.  I felt really relived when I got home and she really could not be sweeter.  She even gave us a condolence card for Gabe which was very touching.  Now we’ll be able to go on more trips since we found you guys.  Thanks again!


Karen Randall

My girl Foxy was one of their first. I was in Arizona and a 21 inch snowstorm hit Staten Island. no worries, Leslie came to my house, shoveled herself out then came to my house, shoveled and shoveled until she could get to my Foxy. Then she sent me a photo of my girl sitting in the snow. This was all done by 8:00 a.m. Bravo to Whiskers and Leo! Nov 2015


Sarah Schmitt 

There is no way I would have been able to even slightly enjoy my first vacation away from my baby had I not had an hour long visit with his sitter before I left. If I didn’t have the comfort and security of Leo & Whiskers, I would have been a basket case. I adopted my boy when he was six years old. He was beaten severely enough that he’s deaf in his right ear, picked up by his tail and thrown into walls and left outside in the freezing cold struggling for food. He’s a very tiny boy and when he was rescued, he still managed to be sweet and loving. After he was fixed, the ladies who rescued him decided he was just too sweet and tiny to fend for himself so when they went to ask this horror show of violence if they could keep him, this was when they learned what he was subjected to. They began calling him Poppy because he was the oldest boy in there. I had come to learn that he had been in foster home after foster home finally making his way to PetSmart. 9 kitties in 9 cages and here’s this handsome little man poking his paw through to tap me. Everyone wanted babies….he chose me and had my heart instantly. I promised he would never know a life like that again. I guarded him like a lion. It took him about 3 weeks to purr and maybe 5 weeks to start chatting – a year later, he sounds like the little engine that could with a really awful singing voice and it melts my heart every time. How could I possibly leave him alone with a stranger? I called Nicole at really almost the last second possibly hoping I was too late so clearly I’d have to stay home – then I remembered who I was talking to. Someone who’s based her life loving these animals and keeping them safe and that truly meant always hiring only the best. She hand picked a sitter who came to my home and talked with me for an hour and she was perfect. Came to my house to take care of my boy and send me text after text about how he was doing. Sent me pictures and little messages to reassure me that he was doing fine. Nicole has been a good friend for over twenty years – she’s always been so wonderfully gentle and attentive. Without Whiskers and Leo, I just don’t think I’d be able to leave, so this was a great gift for me and for Henry (Poppy no more because he’s anything but an old man!) I am so grateful and lucky that I have this outstanding woman in my world who gives us an opportunity to go and enjoy ourselves knowing our babies are in GREAT hands! Henry and I are both grateful. Truly!


 Michelle Santerello and Annie

Amen-W&L is the best-My Annie looks forward to seeing her sitter and I know the feeling is mutual-you guys are great!


Marie and Vinny D’Acunto and Rudy

I would never go anywhere else now that I found you, although Rudy misses you NICOLE.. There’s no competition or comparison in my opinion!!!!!


Lauren and Matt Ganzman

Whiskers and Leo is always the ONLY place I would ever recommend to any friend or relative looking for a pet sitter!! I have never had such peace of mind leaving Rocky with anyone until I started using Whiskers and Leo….and how many years is it now?!? lol



Bernadette Conroy

Just wanted to say how wonderful Susan Peare is,  how glad she’s available again. Two  cats, one senior pup who’s a picky little eater at times.  Susan had no problem at all.  She sent me pictures,  so my heart was at great ease while we were away.  The pics were reassuring,  too, just because I was missing them,  the routine of caring  for them. Thank you for putting us together with her!



Dorothy Westerine

Oct 2015“I’ve been meaning to let you know how much we liked Stacey’s work while we were away. Stacey was entirely reliable, very responsible and always available by text, letting us know every day that our cats were doing well. She even sent us pictures! We are very happy with the service – both from Stacey and from you – and I just wanted to let you know.

Renee Accurso

My husband and I were well satisfied with Christina on the care and thoughtfulness she put into our home with Bootz while we were away.  Great receiving updates and pictures on Bootz behavior and will keep you in mind on our future vacations. Thank you for all your assistance and making our vacation enjoying and at ease knowing Bootz was in good hands.



Catherine Issac

Oct 2015- Pippa and Finn. We had a wonderful experience with your company and will contact you in the future should we ever need pet care. Thank you!


Nancy Izzo & Oliver

I absolutely love Whiskers and Leo. I was in desperate need of an emergency dog walker and within a days time Nicole called me and set up meetings with a primary walker and a back up walker. Oliver loves his walkers! Many places give you a problem when you have an intact male and I was starting to get discouraged and worried that I wouldn’t find a walker. I can’t imagine what I would do without them! It has truly been a fantastic experience. I use the service whenever my parents are in Florida. It cannot say enough good things about them! (April 2015)


Vinessa Zappolla

I have to say being recommended to whiskers and Leo was a god sent !! my 2 yr old dog spent 3 nights with Trisha and it was our first time apart . I could not have asked for a better experience , she had a great time and Trisha was amazing keeping me updated thru her stay i couldn’t ask for anything better!!!! (May 2014)


Alyse Aquino

I had the best experience with whiskers and Leo. Madelyn and her mom, Jean, watched my two chihuahuas while I was away on a (not so fun) trip for medical reasons. From the moment I met them I knew my babies were going to be fine. They were so real and down to earth and two of the nicest, caring people I have met. I’m very nervous and upset when I have to leave my little ones but they kept me updated with pictured and video the whole time and gave my babies extra special love and attention. I was so very pleased and hope to use them in the future. I can’t praise them enough!!!

Mary Marisa Borg and Biggs

They are great! My brother, Marcel, relies on them to walk Biggs in the afternoon and giving Biggs his Meds. He needs to have them at a certain time and we can rely on him to getting them. Most important Biggs gets along with them and love the walkers.

Lisa Carroccio

I can’t say enough good things about our pet sitter, Trisha, who cared for our 130 pound labrador puppy recently! It was the first time I had ever used a sitter for him…and it was a wonderful experience! My puppy didn’t want to leave her home. I will definitely be using Nicole’s service again…and requesting Trisha!  (August 2014)



 Amy and Tiff

Gm Nicole I just wana say we appreciate the great care of all our guys while we are away .. It relieves us when we arrive and all our friends are happy warm and safe .. Thanks to Caitlin Maria and Liz this wouldn’t be possible .. Again thanks for them coming into our lives .. And we could never forget Angela who we loved and adored and miss.(Nov 2014)

Lisa Krivis

Thank you so much making it such a smooth transition from the other pet sitter we were using to Whiskers and Leo for Mark and I, and especially our boys. Everyone and everything is so professional and it is definitely very refreshing! Also, I wanted to let you know that Pat is not only a wonderful dog walker, but more importantly she such a beautiful person and really cares for our boys in a mature loving manner. Her heart is so big that she got me a “Get Well” balloon when I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago and also completely accommodated our emergency situation. She is a keeper, and thank you for setting her up with our family. –


Liz & Tom Nelson

Dear Nicole, just wanted to thank you so much with all your help with placing Roxy….Sonia was the perfect host to her….roxy loved her and Sonia loved Roxy….We had peace of mind with her and daily communication Sonia was “the best”. We look forward to working with you and also with Sonia in the future. Thanks again.


Tracey Madden

I just wanted to say thank you for having me meet Patti to take care of my kitty while I was away. I simply cannot say just how amazing she is. I liked her the second I met her and she immediately gave me a sense of security about being away from my girl. When I was away, she texted me with updates every single visit and gave me such great piece of mind that my Willow was being well cared for. She truly went above and beyond for both me and Willow and I am just so appreciative. As I had told you when we first spoke, Willow is a feral cat and only trusts and allows petting from myself or my husband, but Patti was so wonderful with her, that she even allowed Patti to pet her! That really says something! Patti is truly extraordinary and an incredible person! Thank you so much again!


Fran Carroll & Oreo Cookie

If you are a dog parent and you need to go away without any worries at all, give Nicole a call at Whiskers and Leo. While you are away your pet will be at a home (not in a cage) and loved to death by her husband, mom, and her little munchkin, and their dog. She will text you. She will send you video’s. She will make you feel so relieved. Your pet is on vacation too! Nicole. you are the best. THE best!



Saved. My. Life. THANK YOU!!!!! Holy crap, what would I do without you guys? I’ve had at least 4 dog walker companies dissolve on me over the years for myriad reasons (moved away, wasn’t profitable, went crazy — seriously) – you have been such an amazing, reliable, trustworthy, all-around awesome source. Can’t begin to tell you how happy I am we found you guys!



Michelle and Ron Santobello

Hi Nicole-we have to tell you Kathy is one of the kindest sweetest people we ever met.  We love her and so does Annie!  She was so sad to hear of Cleo’s passing-she texted me such kind words of support and left such a nice note for us.  She spent extra time with Annie just rubbing and playing with her.  Our neighbors were having a barbeque on the 4th and this morning when we saw them they raved about how nice our pet sitter was. They must of been talking with her over the fence..  They are dog lovers too and have a Goldie.. anyway they said Kathy paid so much attention to Annie playing with her in the yard on the grass and Annie was rolling over as Kathy rubbed her belly.  Our neighbors said Annie was eating it up -and you could see the genuine care and concern Kathy had for her.  She is truly special……  we were worried about leaving Annie so soon-but Kathy confirmed that she was doing O.K. but was just a little more clingy then usual which was to be expected…….we had a clear head knowing she was being cared for by Kathy.  When we got home Annie was fine.  Of course we are all still grieving-it’s going to take us time to heal-but having you all as part of our extended family has made it easier for us.  Please  let her know she is a gem and we look forward to a long relationship with her….  Thank you again… and of course you already know we love mitch and pam too!!!!! –


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Maria when she watched Tinkerbelle this weekend.   She and her whole family were wonderful to Tinker and Tinker had a ball at the house.  She came home exhausted after playing with Maxwell all weekend. Thank you again.



Everything has been going great these past few months with Caitlin.  Not only do the dogs enjoy her company, but I have seen an improvement in their behavior since she began walking them.  She’s very professional.  I’ve had the pleasure to be home a couple of times when she’s had to walk them.  She works very well with them, knows how to properly handle them and it has worked out great for us. We’re very happy with the service Caitlin has provided. The dogs are calm now when I get home.  Which shows that Caitlin has been consistent with her walks and timing.  The dogs can become irritable if they don’t know when they are going out next.  But that hasn’t happened here at all. Caitlin has been giving me progress reports weekly, and she too claims the dogs are much better and calmer on the walks.  Jake who had a fear of trucks and cars doesn’t shy or run away from them anymore.  Lucy who likes to bark at other dogs, isn’t acknowledging them anymore.  To us this is great news. Thank you for providing wonderful service.


The Pazo family :)-

Sonia and Cathy were wonderful!! We appreciate the care that was given to Kane when we were on vacation!  It was nice to know that while we were away our home and pet were well cared for. We will absolutely use your services again and we can’t say enough about the wonderful experience we had with Sonia and Cathy! Thanks again!


Alison Kohler

We couldn’t have taken in four dogs if it weren’t for you and your team’s great service and support.


Walter and Pat W

I want to compliment Jane on her excellent caring for Elkie over this weekend, she did a fantastic job above and beyond regular responsibilities. You provide a great service it is comforting as a pet owner to have your pet taken care of in their own environment, be assured I will tell all about your service and your caregivers such as Jane. We will be planning future trips and hope we can always have Jane as our care giver. Although Elkie was extremely happy to have Pat and I home , she will miss Jane.

Jai S and Broadway

“My Wife and I recently rescued a beautiful cock-a-poo which we named Broadway. Adopting him came with a whole slew of questions and concerns. Happily, we found Nicole and Whiskers and Leo..Nicole and our Walker,Jane, have not only assuaged our fears,but have been right there for us,and have made a great experience for us, even better. The art of Customer Service, is indeed a lost art, but Nicole and her team,have the best service I’ve seen in a very long time. They not only get back to us right away, but have given us very valuable information..and most importantly, Broadway loves them! We do too! We would heartily recommend them to anyone..they rock!!”

Janet & Sugar

Dear Nicole, I ‘m writing you today to let you know how happy I was with Sonia when she boarded Sugar last week. I picked up Sugar last Friday and she looked even better than ever! I could tell that she really loved staying with Sonia. I think Sonia is an amazing person. She takes such good care of my baby. I’m happy. Sugars happy. We just thought you should know. Thank you for connecting us with Sonia. She’s awesome! (3/4/13)

Lauren C

“Wonderful and trustworthy workers. Very attentive to detail. Cats were taken care of as if I were home. I called for service while I was hospitalized after a medical emergency. I had never used them before and was worried about my cats and home being looked after by a stranger. I finally got home after 4-1/2 weeks and everything was perfect. I really am grateful for the service and Whiskers and Leo will be the only animal service I will use in the future.” (3/3/13)


“Hi W&L, I just wanted to let you know that I am moving off of Staten Island (moving to Manhattan) and therefore will no longer be in W&L’s service area. I wanted to thank you for many years of wonderful service and great care for my cat Genki–you are truly the best! If yo have any recommendations for similar services (or just pet-friendly businesses) in downtown Manhattan, please let me know! Again, many thanks and best wishes to you. Thank you for providing an invaluable service! Amanda” (2/28/13)

Deborah P

“You have a very professional and responsive service. Jane Smith, who has been caring for our cats, is terrific. She’s very reliable and she clearly loves taking care of pets.” 1/7/13

Kim R

“Highly satisfied is an understatement! The professionalism, follow up, & tireless efforts to accommodate my last minute scheduling is beyond expectation. As far as the girls who watch & walk Lexi…there are no words to express how grateful I am for their love & caring of her. As we all know, I am a little over-the-top with letting her out of my site & only 2 other people have taken care of her – my mother and a family friend who stayed with Lexi at my home. The girls are now my greatest relief!” 1/7/13

Eve R

“Caroline and Leslie really came through for us during the hurricane when we weren’t here and powerless to do anything to help our animals. They did whatever was necessary and gave us tremendous peace of mind.” 12/7/12


“You guys are fantastic- I always trust that my pet is well taken care of during long or short trips. All of the sitters I’ve worked with have been phenomenal. Additionally, scheduling is always quick and easy, and I like the way the payment is set up so it automatically takes the payment each month and I dont have to worry about it.” 12/7/12

Barbara K

We had to attend an overnight event and were so worried about leaving our Golden Retriever. She was a rescue and really can’t handle being crated, so I didn’t know what we would do. Whiskers & Leo to the rescue. A friend recommended them and I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs pet sitting services. The wide array of options and personal assistance made it easy to choose what would work best for us. Mitch, the sitter who stayed in our home with the dog and 2 cats, sent me texts on how things were going and left a note letting me know how well it had all gone. The dog was so relaxed and happy when we got home I knew it was the best decision I could have made. We don’t travel often, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use Whiskers & Leo again in the future.” 11/27/12

Cathy F

“Very Professional staff, and employees.” 10/19/12


We have only used one other pet sitter, and your fee was higher of the two. however, your level of service and my confidence in your service makes me willing to pay the difference.” 10/17/12


“Whiskers and Leo give me the confidence and security that I otherwis would not feel with other sitters. I’m very happy with their professionalism.” 10/17/12

Ann G

“Hi Nicole, I just wanted to touch base with you because I picked Roxy up from Trishia tonight. I was very pleased with the care that Trishia and her family gave to Roxy while I was away. Trishia and her family treated Roxy like she was one of the family and I am so happy that you paired us with her! Trishia made sure to text me everyday with an update and a picture and I really appreciated that she took time to do that for me. I would definitely board Roxy with Trishia again. Thanks, Ann” 10/16/12

Marie S

“Hi – just a brief note to let you know how wonderful Caroline was – she was very thorough, sent us regular updates about Bear the kitten – we couldn’t have been more thrilled about her level of care and detail. We will definitely use your service again !!! Marie S. 10/9/12


“Great care was taken to place my dog with the right family. She could not have been with placed with a better family than with Trisha’s. Mia Piera can get nervous around strangers but Trisha gave me daily pics and updates & I could see how happy Mia Piera was. I was able to enjoy my vacation, stress & worry free, & Mia Piera had lots of fun.”

Janice C

“Hi, folks hawkins’s stay 9/22 – 9/23 with cathy was great. he came back calm and healthy. my husband and i have been referring to his experience as his day at the spa. kudos all around.”



Cathy F

Dear, Nicole, I just wanted to simply Thank You again for all your help in choosing the perfect dog sitter for Azazel. So, this would be the perfect time to tell you both how special Caroline is to Azazel and I. We both are very thankful for the job Caroline did and how hard she worked with Azazel due to his disabilities. Everyday she would call reassuring me that he was perfectly fine in his daily routine. And check in later in the afternoon visit making sure he wasn’t lonely, and just to give him that afternoon snack and chat/walk. I don’t think she missed a beat. I am grateful for her kind heart and her professionalism. “So this is with very special thanks to Caroline Lopez and the team @ Whiskers and Leo.” With special thanks! Cathy

Janine G

“I just have to tell you how WONDERFUL Trisha was with Mia! We got updates daily accompanied with comforting pictures letting us know how happy and safe our Mia was! It made our vacation to Bahamas that much better knowing our girl was happy! Mia came home today super content!! Trisha is the BEST! I could NEVER leave our Mia girl with anyone else!!!!! Thank you so much for pairing us up with Trisha!!! XO, Janine G, one very satisfied customer with one very happy pup!” 8/10/12


“Trisha did a wonderful job with Abbie, she gave her a lot of love and attention, and took very good care of her. I was very, very satsified. Next time, I need pet sitting for Abbie, I will defnaitely be using you again, because Trisha had a lot of love for my Abbie. Thanks!” 7/24/12


“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you provided to Sugar and Styx. I always have anxiety if I have to leave them with someone new…so it is very rare. I appreciate your love for animals. Dogs like Sugar and Styx are somewhat vulnerable (as strong as they are) because they are so loving and have limited if any exposure to negative experiences. Part of the training with therapy dogs is that you want them challenged but only in positive ways. So I thank you for being so active with them and providing them with great care. The only characteristic challenge they have is boredom, ears prone to “capturing” bugs, and a coat that needs detangling every other minute. They are such a pleasure otherwise that I am always glad to have them around a dog lover…..but avoid those who are not. Thank you again.” 6/20/12

Katie R

“Hi Ladies, Justine is fantastic! The puppies seem very happy and are tuckered out in the afternoons which means she is really giving them a good session of ‘fetch’. It is also a big relief to have someone who is so reliable and who we trust coming into our home – working full-time and keeping two rambunctious dogs is not easy and Justine has been a godsend.” 4/11/2012

Tim R

“I was very impressed! Our host mom Cathy did an amazing job. The dogs had a huge yard to run around in. She sent daily pictures and updates, cooked food for the dogs, and sent them home with treats. She went above and beyond what we paid for. The staff at W&L also went above and beyond to help set up the visit for us (as we were visiting from out of town). I can’t ask my dogs what the liked better, but I’m quite certain they’d MUCH rather stay at the dog paradise house they were at rather than locked in a kennel. For the same price, it’s a no-brainer!” 1/7/12

Michelle S

“Hi- I have been meaning to write to you ever since x-mas. Wanted to say how sweet Bethany was-such a lovely person. I had left her a card and some candy since she watched them x-mas eve and she actually mailed me a thank you card. So adorable. Pam is wonderful as well-always leaves us notes and texts to let us know how they are! Both Pam and Bethany are the sweetest people and we are so -so happy with your services. So glad we have them assigned to us. Thanks again!!!!!” Michele and Ronnie S. 1/6/2012

Cheryl F-

“Everything went great with Jeanine. She is such nice person and very tolerant of our extreme nervousness at leaving our little one, who has never been left with anyone but family members. She tolerated our frequent checkup calls with kindness and humor! Sophie seemed to enjoy herself. She was glad to see us upon our return, but she was relatively calm, not anxious, which indicated that she had been well cared for.We will definitely use your service again!” 1/6/12

Michele S-

“Understood our needs. Quick to respond. Eliminated some of the fears about trusting whether someone would come at the specified time. Got to meet sitter ahead of time-loved her.” 11/6/11


“Love the daily updates on my pet, and the sitter left a detailed personal note when I came home!” 11/4/11

Ann E-

“Your policy of meeting walkers beforehand was very reassuring as well as background checks and such for each walker. Both walkers we have had were extremely kind and attentive. Also, using the online appointment service is very efficient and easy.” 11/1/11

Alexandra A-

“While it’s only been two walks so far, I love the enthusiasm my walker has for Veno. It’s obvious when she met him & spent a little time getting to know him that she was an animal lover & Veno took to her which for me was very important. I loved hearing how Veno enjoyed his walk & didn’t want to come back in; confirmed my belief that he does need attention in the hours I am not home & was so happy he enjoyed it.” 10/26/11

Lynn J-

“Prompt response, excellent caregiver, reliable. All good.” 10/4/2011

Sonia S-

“Very professional and prompt in getting back to me. My pet sitter was great and sent frequent updates on my dog.” 10/4/2011

Liz C-

“I really liked how my sitter (Justine) would keep me updated via text. When I got home she also left me written notes for each day. I also spoke a few times with Nicole who walked me through the overall process, specifically with the payment schedule- and just as she had explained the service fee was deducted from my credit card right at the end of the month! It was a perfectly enjoyable experience.” 9/18/2011

Linda P-

“I was quite satisfied with your service. I felt my dog was safe and well cared for.Kathy, our caretaker, sent daily emails and pictures of Raja to my phone. When Raja did not eat, she even emailed me to ask if she could enhance her dish with steak or chicken.” 9/14/11

Matt A-

“I like the email confirmations of our schedules” 9/9/11

Joanne C-

“They were easy to work with on scheduling, listened to my needs and concerns and made me feel very comfortable leaving my pets in their care. Leslie was an excellent care take of our pets while we were away.” 8/3/2011

Amanda P-

“Flexibility in scheduling. Friendly staff. A true passion for pets and their well being. Daily updates.” 7/27/11

Debbie N-

What I like most about Whiskers and Leo is the “reliable pet visitors (received messages when visited); efficient/convenient online registrations and records emails make it easy to remember when have booked etc.; professional owners for initial contact with company.” 7/6/11

Hugh H-

“Our sitter was great and Molly, our yellow lab, really enjoyed her stay. She was well cared for and seemed right at home.” 6/4/11

Melissa G-

“Very responsive and great communication from our sitter and from management!” 6/2/11

Debbie O-

“Very professional and accommodating. The walkers were on time and Cotto loved his walkers!” 5/6/2011

Neil G-

“Personal service provided was excellent. Willingness to address any special needs.” 4/5/11


“Diane our Dog walker is excellent. She always takes pictures off Sammy and she writes such great notes about him!!!!” 3/23/11


“Jessica was my pet-sitter this week during my vacation, and I must say that I am very pleased with the reliability and quality of your services! Jessica was very professional from the moment we met, and was very accommodating as well—I had originally said I didn’t need daily updates, but when I requested them after the fact, she was very responsive by both text and phone call. She also put my cat at ease, which is no easy task when you have a nervous feline like I do! I will absolutely be using your services again soon.” 3/19/11


“I liked the initial visit so our pets could get to know our sitter. I also appreciated the note Pam wrote to us on the last day, providing us with updates on how her time with our kitties went. Everything went really smoothly and we were very satisfied!”


“Diane [our sitter] showed for interview on time; very friendly and was interested in Bob’s temperament, habits, etc. Obviously likes animals! Was amenable to everything we asked for and offered more! Especially liked the pics and reports on Bob’s antics.” 3/3/11

Cristina A-

“Whiskers and Leo is such a great and reliable pet service. My two dogs love their dog walker and she has become their new best friend. When we say that Jessica is coming, the get super excited and have lots of tail wagging. I would highly recommend using them and do tell all my friends about them!” (2/18/11)

Linda S-

“I had an unscheduled work at home day last week (I kept the walk appointment since I had a major project due.) The look of joy on Matilda’s face when Jane, our dog walker, arrived was priceless…If a dog could say ‘hey mom, check it out!!!! my bestest buddy is here!!!!!’ …. That was the ‘woof du jour.’ No doubt Jane is Matilda’s best friend! The energy is cute (and awesome!)”

Mario G-

“I like how careful the dog-walkers are. They love dogs and you can see how much love they put into what they do! “


“I like how you match clients up with the right sitter!”

Jane C-

“Nicole, I just want to let you know how happy we are with your service. Duke stayed with Madelyn last week-end and for the first time ever he came back his normal, happy self. In the past, whenever we left him at other facilities, he neither ate nor slept. This time, when we picked him up he was playing with his toys and looked liked he had a great sleep-over. I’ve already recommended your service to our pet parent friends. I’m sure Madelyn will be seeing a lot of Duke in the future. Thanks so much for taking a weight off our shoulders.”


“I used Whiskers & Leo for a weekend. My sitters were Madelyn and her mom Jean. My Ozzy was cared for just like he was at home. It was very comforting to know that he wouldn’t have to left in a cage and would have the same routine as home. I recommend Whisker & Leo to everyone and tell how my sitter even let him sleep in her own bed. I will definitely be using them again, hopefully soon as we could use a get away. Thanks again for a great service.”

Marissa S-

“I loved that you were able to help me find someone to watch my dog in such a short time (about a week before my vacation). Nicole was very concerned with helping me find a sitter that would be the right match for my dog. The woman that watched my dog- Christine- was very good to talk to before she met my dog and she was available through texting and cell phone if I needed her. I was very happy with the service and as far as I can tell so way my dog!”


“Everyone of your staff is so loving towards animals that it makes it a lot easier to leave our family home with the comfort in knowing that our babies are being well taken care of.”

Jodi K-

“The level of professionalism and compassion was great on both Nicole and Leslie… Also, Leslie was above and beyond awesome! Each time I called her enthusiasm to share her visit with me meant a lot and the mini diary of each visit left for me to read was the icing on the cake!!”

Donna P-

“I was very impressed with the prompt response to my voice mail by Nicole. Both Nicole and Jannie, our sitter were professional while at the same time warm and friendly. After meeting Janine, and her family, I was totally comfortable leaving my recently adopted dog Max with her. Janine was understanding of Max’s separation anxiety and seemed to adjust quickly to the environment.”


“They are the very best !!! I feel totally at ease when I travel knowing that my Babies are in Great hands…They show real compassion and as Pet Lovers this makes all the difference…I Highly recommend their services.”

Ann Marie G-

“My sitter Leslie is the greatest. I didn’t worry about a thing when I was away. I had a full day by day report waiting for me about Ruby when I returned. She alslo took care of the mail and garbage. I am so happy I found the service. Now I can go away and everything is taken care of.”


I love that my dog is treated so well by Adele and her family. It’s like sending Rocky to visit his favorite aunt.”

Jodi K-

“I just wanted to let you know that Leslie was AWESOME! She went way above and beyond my expectations; we were thrilled!!! Each time I called she took the time to give me a detailed description of her visit and then left me a written “diary” to read when I got home, what a treat! Not only did she take them in the yard, but she took them for walks too, she is truly exceptional! I could definitely tell when we got home that my babies were well cared for and had gotten plenty of human interaction. It is quite obvious Leslie is a true animal lover! From the 1st phone call to the last pet walk, you and your sitters have been nothing but professional and caring; Bill and I are thrilled with your services and will definitely be using you again.”


“What’s NOT to like? Excellent customer service..easy billing..GREAT care..”


“Excellent from A to Z! Loni and Nicole are professionals; reliable; dependable; caring; sensitive to needs of people and their pets. The care takers are also professional with their work in caring for pets; they not only care for the pets but give lots of tender love and respect. I am extremely thankful for the much needed services. I am able to go to work and travel for business and family matters with peace of mind – knowing my precious dog will be well-taken care of and with love. Everytime I come home to see her or pick her up, she is a very happy girl. What would I have done without this service, provided by Loni and Nicole? Before I met them, it has been the most difficult experience for us to try to find help. A few times she was left with a vet’s office and stayed in a cage for a few days. It was heartbreaking for us and for her too. So I am extremely thankful for this service.”


“My dog has always come home happy and healthy. She is never nervous or scared like she is if I were to ever board her.”


“The sitter we had this time, Jeanine, is very caring and you can tell that she loves dogs. She was easy to reach even though I was in London and Paris, and it was very reassuring to be able to speak with her on a daily basis. Athena was calm and happy when I picked her up. It seemed like Tinkerbell (Jeanine’s dog) didn’t want Athena to leave; she started barking at me when I put Athena’s leash on and she realized was I taking her away! So I guess they had a good time together!”


“I recently went away for 8 days to Arizona and had to leave my dog and cat, which was very difficult! I didn’t want to take them our of their home, so I looked into pet sitting. Whiskers and Leo was the answer to my prayers! They met with me and my pets; they have a strategy that works wonders! Within minutes, my usually indifferent American Eskimo was eager for them to talk to her or make contact with her. It worked great! She took to them immediately. While away, I was able to reach my sitter on her phone at any time. If she was not available because she was attending to my precious animals, she would call me right back! When I heard about the huge snow storm in S.I. (11 inches!) while I was away, I was nervous the sitter, would not be able to get to my house. No problem for W&L was there, and Foxy was outside, frolicking in the snow with her new friend (the sitter even shoveled my stairs!) Two of my neighbors told me how impressed they were with W&L’s diligence, enthusiasm and professionalism that was witnessed, unbeknownst to my sitter. I only have positive, great reviews for Whiskers and Leo of Staten Island! The staff is very caring, and will perform any tasks requested (with a smile)! I recommend them strongly, especially if you love your pets as much as I do. My husband is also thrilled because now he knows I will be more willing to go away, even for just a few days. I know my pets are in safe hands with Whiskers and Leo. The experience was great for me — just try it!”

Carole and Andy L-

“Whiskers and Leo of Staten Island is WONDERFUL! We cannot begin to tell you how happy and appreciative we are! They provided a lot of loving care and made sure Pippy was well taken care of. They deserves top compliments for their services. Thank you so much for providing excellent service — what would we have done without you? We would not want for Pippy to be in the “cage” for so long. We are so grateful for you to provide a home for Pippy so she can live comfortably and be happy with a loving family. I give you high ratings. Thank you W&L so much for all your efforts in placing Pippy in a happy and loving home! We definitely will call upon you for service in the near future when we go away again!”

Maria A-

“My fiance and I were concerned when we were having a destination wedding and did not know who was going to take care of our dog Shea. After trying many different options and feeling insecure, we heard about Whiskers and Leo. Nicole was very helpful and immediately put our minds at ease. She set us up with our pet sitter, Steph, who is a doll! Steph loved Shea as if she were her own! I appreciate Steph sending me updates and pictures while we were away. It really helped us to feel confident that Shea was in great hands. We are so happy that we are now using W&L for daily dog walking while we are at work! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our baby! I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make sure their pets are loved and taken care of while they are away.”

Linda D-

“1.Reliable 2.Flexible 3.Trustworthy”

Jason G-

“I really liked that Nicole and Maria took the time to get to know my dog and her needs. My dog walker Maria was fabulous and my dog loved her! Maria was always happy and upbeat thus making myself and my dog relaxed. Maria did a remarkable job gaining the trust of my dog who is very leary of new things. Thank you Whiskers!!!!”

Gina L-

“I found the whole process very professionally done and conducted with a levelof care that clearly exemplified the mark of a “pet lover.”

David P-

“Both petsitters Kathy and Kathleen were excellent. Their services went beyond my expectations. I really like the daily journals they left upon their departure as well as the constant text updates they provided me. Just as Nicole informed me, both ladies were true professionals and my wife and I will definitely utilize their services in the future.”


“It is personal and caring. I was sick about leaving my puppy for two weeks and when I got home she did not even want to leave her new families house. The sitter even texted me pix of her while I was in Italy. No cages, no being alone.She was with people who truly loved her and I am so grateful.”

Lorraine C-

“It is professional and safe. It allows pet owners the freedom to go on vacation, to work or to be away from their pets for any reason , and feel that their pets are receiving care and love. I have recommended Whiskers and Leo to every pet owner I know !!”

Matt C-

“Affordable and reliable!”

MaryEllen C-

“I had many reservations about leaving my puggle puppy Spud with a strange family. Due to Nicole’s continuous communication and assurance I was able to relax and enjoy my vacation. Spud was fine upon our return, and I was confident Stacy and her family took great care in watching him. Nicole’s personal touch and obvious love for dogs really helped me choose this service over others! Thanks again Nicole and Stacy!!!”

Sally S-

“I can’t say enough about Whiskers and Leo of SI Flexible is an understatement. I’ve asked for emergency walks less than 24hours beforehand. I’ve canceled-and rescheduled so many walks and they always accommodate. I know that my dog doesn’t just get “walked”….He gets love and attention from a caring walker. The super friendly owners of this company are always a pleasure to speak to when scheduling walks. It is hard to rely on family and friends to check in on the dog or be there at a specific time. I was starting to feel guilty even asking friends to watch the dog again and again. To me…this is money well spent. My friends are happy, I am happy and most importantly my dog is happy.”

Phyllis D-

“I like that my dog was in a private home with caring sitters instead of a kennel. The sitter’s had a small dog similar to my dog so I didn’t have to worry about the two dogs getting along.”

Peggy B-

“The peace of mind knowing that our pet is not stuck in a cage and is being cared for by people who really treat him as well as we do.”


“Reasonable prices. 100% reliability. friendly. courteous. easy hassle-free payment via credit card at the end of the month. my dog has new human friends to look forward to when he gets his walks or has a daycare day…keeps him from being bored or lonely. so many different options for various petcare services.”

Fran C-

“I have no worries when I have to go out anymore. I know whomever Nicole gives me, she has thought long and hard about it, I will be more than satisfied. Whiskers and Leo is the answer to my prayers”


“So very happy that I found Catlin, went for an overnight trip and tried out Whiskers and Leo for the first time. I finally struck Gold! Thank you Catlin for taking such great care of Stone! And thank you Nicole for recommending her and also for being so receptive to all of my needs!

Linda S-

Hi Nicole, I am sad to day that my days in NY are coming to a close and I’m moving to WA DC at the end of the month. Won’t need any walks after Tuesday, June 25th. In the aftermath of Sandy and many high tempo operations over the last three years, I truly could not have completed this Coast Guard assignment and stayed a decent dog-mom if it wasn’t for the flexibility of your service. I couldn’t think of a better dog walker as Jane who has become a dear friend to my pooches. Thanks for everything and I wish W&L & Jane health, happiness, and prosperity. I’m still available at this email and my phone number on file if you need client references.

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